Past, Present & Future

I came into teaching rather abruptly, three years ago. There was a plan. It was in the works – take the teaching diploma program and find a nice pastry chef instructor position – only it happened years before I anticipated. The transition from industry to teaching happened in a short 2 months – and that included a move from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

It’s been a steep learning curve. It’s still steep, and I don’t anticipate it plateauing anytime soon. The Provincial Instructor Diploma Program is helping to navigate through and it’s the first step in professional development.

After completing the program, I’m interested in attending teaching conferences regularly to keep up with teaching models and research. It’s also important for me to continue practicing my pastry skills. Thankfully, in the pastry world, there are many classes to keep my skills sharp.

I recently heard about a three day chocolate seminar for pastry chef instructors. It pleases me that even within my industry, courses are being developed for instructional purposes.

It’s a perfect blend of my two favourite things.


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