Teaching Perspectives Inventory

In the last blog post, I discussed Brookfield’s truths on teaching and how they evolve with experience. It took the TPI or Teaching Perspectives Inventory test for the first time and saw that my results were presented in a graph that gently went up and down like rolling fields.

What is the TPI and what does do the results mean for me?

It is a test with a series of questions that evaluate your perspectives on teaching into 5 different categories:

  • Transmission
  • Apprenticeship
  • Developmental
  • Nutruring
  • Social Reform

Most people have two strong perspectives and a backup and recessive perspective. I had two that stood out but I wouldn’t say they were strong: Apprenticeship and Nurturing. The apprenticeship reveals that I recognize when learners can work independently and when they need assistance. As they develop their skills they require less assistance. The nurturing reveals that I offer a safe environment where students feel comfortable to make mistakes. Part of me would like to think that both are true, since in my training I had similar experiences with instructors and chefs (perhaps not as many chefs).

Development was not far below either – only by 1 point. So how can I have such a flat line result? The video on the results page describes a flat line result often occurring in new instructors where there is still insecurity of which perspective to push the most or finding balance depending on the student or the content. As a teacher becomes more experienced, the spikes may be more apparent.

Just like the evolution of the Brookfield’s teaching truths, I anticipate that my TPI results may evolve over time.



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