Web-Conferencing: Learning Face to Face in the Digital Age

Video conferencing is not necessarily new or cutting edge technology anymore. With Skype and Face Time making it accessible to consumers, I’m certain many have used it to speak with friends and family near or far.

I’ve used web-conferencing for business a few times – interviews and meetings. I like the integration of video technology into business and education. Relationships are in important in both. Face to face communication helps to develop common ground, recognize differences, and build trust. It can be difficult to develop a relationship through email or over the phone when missing the visual cues that give us insight into a person’s character.

Meeting with my class partner was great. I was fortunate to be paired with another chef who is also new to teaching. He is teaching in the aboriginal school. With his blog, he has been exploring the history, current challenges and successes, and future of education of the First Nations people.

I came away from our conversation with new insight in cultural educational differences and adaptions for a changing society. Societies developed unique methods of education based on beliefs and environment. As countries expanded through colonization, a different approach to teaching was mandated. This led to a legacy of difficulties and a broken system. As societies revisit and implement traditional teaching methods, the challenge will be to blend in skills and knowledge components to prepare students for success in today’s world.

You can see his website and follow his learning journey here.


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